Monday, 17 January 2011

Road Safety

This morning to follow on from the Human Body Project we did before Christmas Oscar and I started a project about the Five Senses.

After looking at the vocabulary words we talked about the five senses, why we need them and how we use them. Then we learnt about how our eyes work and about optical illusions.

Then we did some reading. Including Cat in the Hat ready for the book group at the playground tomorrow.

After lunch Oscar had a look at this, having seen how much fun Sarah's boys had playing the games and as Oscar's road safety skills aren't great I thought it might be a good idea. Well Oscar loved the site and so did I so thanks Sarah.

He completed some of the activity sheets and we have made a folder to keep them in.

Oscar spent the rest of the afternoon on the website, at four o'clock I told him he could finish for the day but he was determined to complete all the activities so that he could print all four certificates.

He finished at five to five, just in time to leave for his Taekwondo lesson.
For the journey there and back he spent a lot of time looking for safe places to cross the road and was very careful to Stop, Look and Listen.

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