Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Shoes

Oscar's boots have rather sadly fallen apart, they are also dangerously close to being to small so today we went shoe shopping. Oscar tested out lots of different pairs, luckily the shop was pretty quiet and the man serving us was very patient.

Oscar decided on these, because they are red, they look a bit like football boots, they have a 'spiderman smile on the toes' and they have flashing heels. I don't really like them but as they were reduced to £9.50 I was happy enough for him to have them, I just can't quite believe how big his feet have grown!

After looking in a few more shops and having a sandwich we went over to Action Stations, the science museum in the dockyard. This is one of Oscar's favourite places to visit and was a very good bribe to get him to go shoe shopping today (he hates shopping). He had a great time as usual.

Yes he is wearing his new shoes, he wore them out of the shop because he thought it was very important to check he was still able to go very fast on his scooter in them.

The magic planet is Oscar's favourite display at the museum and he spent a good forty five minutes playing with it today looking at all the planets and their moons.

He has become really interested in electricity and put together this circuit to make the radio work in just a few minutes.

When we got home there was just enough time for a quick cup of tea before going to his first taekwondo lesson since the Christmas break. Then whilst eating dinner he told his dad the names of all the planets in order from the sun and how many moons each planet has. He now plans to learn the names of all the moons!

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