Monday, 31 January 2011

Busy Monday.

This Monday started the same as most Mondays with some project work.
Today we finished the Senses Project learning about taste and smell.

We finished the project just in time to leave for Oscars dentist check up. The dentist was very pleased with Oscar and said that it's clear he really looks after his teeth and Oscar was pleased because she has predicted at least two wobbly teeth in the next few months. 
We then did a bit of shopping as there are lots of charity shops near the dentist surgery and we managed to find a few good books.

When we arrived home Oscar was very excited to find a letter addressed to him and then even more excited when he opened it to find his St. Johns Ambulance Badger passport book inside.

Oscar spent quite a while studying the book and we will be taking it with us to St. Johns on Wednesday so he can get some of it filled in.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon cuddled up on the sofa and taking it in turns to read a few pages each we read the whole of his new Winnie the Witch book. 

Finally it was off to his Taekwondo lesson and we were both pleased to notice that unlike the last few months today we were able to walk to his class in daylight, a sign the Spring is hopefully just around the corner.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

A big catch up.

Hello everyone, for various reason (mostly my laziness) I haven't blogged for ages so here's a bit of a catch up on some of the things Oscar and I have been doing.

On Monday we continued with our Five Senses project, this week Oscar learnt about hearing and touch.

Oscar made a Birthday card for my Dad and made an extra special effort with his handwriting as it was for his Grandad.

These are some of the books we have read.

At the home ed group this week the children made bird feeders.

Then had lots of fun in the sand pit.

After Jordan had been buried Oscar asked if it was ok for him to be buried in the sand, I must be mad because I agreed! Roger was very confused when he found a little pile of sand on the sofa where Oscar had been sitting after he came home.

Then on Thursday we all met up at the park for the RSPB bird count, it was freezing out and the children seemed to do more running around than counting birds then after an hour we went over to the play area where the parents stood around getting even colder while the children ran around some more.

Then we went and fed the animals before heading to the warmth of my parents house for lunch.

Thursday afternoon Oscar and I went swimming with my dad and my brother, Oscar really enjoyed himself so we went again Friday afternoon. This is a really good deal for me as I will be quite glad when Oscar can swim and I can stop paying for lessons, he has almost got it he just needs to gain some confidence in the water so I'm hoping some regular swimming sessions on top of his weekly lesson and he will be swimming confidently soon. Also because my Dad and brother are there I get to swim a few lengths myself.

Oscar was really excited when he came home from St. Johns this week as he had been given his first badge and certificate. It's his Entertainer badge for all the music, singing, dancing, little play and finally the Christmas Show he did last term.

Thanks to my friend Sarah I found some great workbooks online for $1 each, Oscar really enjoyed plotting these pictures on a graph and colouring them in.

And he did really well with these algebra readiness worksheets.

There has also been another visit to Action Stations and The Mary Rose Museum.

The volunteers in the museum are always incredibly patient with Oscar when he bombards them with questions about the artifacts they have out for visitors to handle.

Finally Oscar and Roger went to visit Rogers mum and when Oscar came home he drew me a picture of one of the things he did at Granny's house.
The picture is of Oscar, Granny, Daddy and Auntie Mary playing heads or tales (also known as noses and knickers) and the sentence says 'Heads and Tales Dad won something good'. Oscar has a way to go yet but he has started writing through choice sometimes now which is really lovely to see.

Oh... and in case anyone is wondering we are still using a timetable, Oscar likes it so much we have gone all posh and made ourselves a fancy laminated one.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Cat in the Hat

Today was book group and this months book was The Cat in the Hat. Oscar had a great time.
First the children talked about the book.
Then Oscar got to show off his Thing 1 jumper and assure everyone that he isn't as naughty as Thing 1 or Thing 2. Unfortunately all also chose this moment to fiddle with his hat!
Then is was craft time, the children all made a Cat's Hat pencil holder, a kite and drew a picture in red, blue, black and white - the same colours used in the illustrations in the book.

Our little group has really grown over the last couple of months and we are really lucky that everyone gets on so well. Oscar and I have both made some new friends and one of the things I love about our group is how well the children get on. 

After a quick lunch the children went out to play, this week it was a game of spies and this is the spy tower.

Right at the top is the spy den complete with spy snacks.

When I finally managed to convince my little spy to come down we went to his swimming lesson, Oscar and his friends seem to have really progressed over the last couple of weeks and I'm now hopeful that he could be swimming by the summer. After swimming his friend Jared came back for tea and to play so all in all it was another busy day.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Road Safety

This morning to follow on from the Human Body Project we did before Christmas Oscar and I started a project about the Five Senses.

After looking at the vocabulary words we talked about the five senses, why we need them and how we use them. Then we learnt about how our eyes work and about optical illusions.

Then we did some reading. Including Cat in the Hat ready for the book group at the playground tomorrow.

After lunch Oscar had a look at this, having seen how much fun Sarah's boys had playing the games and as Oscar's road safety skills aren't great I thought it might be a good idea. Well Oscar loved the site and so did I so thanks Sarah.

He completed some of the activity sheets and we have made a folder to keep them in.

Oscar spent the rest of the afternoon on the website, at four o'clock I told him he could finish for the day but he was determined to complete all the activities so that he could print all four certificates.

He finished at five to five, just in time to leave for his Taekwondo lesson.
For the journey there and back he spent a lot of time looking for safe places to cross the road and was very careful to Stop, Look and Listen.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Our week so far.....

 On Monday we finished off the poetry project.

Then we did some reading with a difference.
 I loved The Faraway Tree Stories when I was little and Oscar really enjoyed reading it on his DS along with little quizzes and things to collect along the way.

After lunch Oscar did some colouring.

Then we played pairs,

and pick up sticks.

Then we had a look at Oscar's Twisty Tangrams.

 I have no idea what that face is about!

Then it was off out in the rain for a taekwondo lesson.

On Tuesday Oscar and I went to our home ed group.
We haven't been since before Christmas so it was lovely to catch up with everyone. It was agreed that we would just let the kids play this week while the parents had a chat about things we could do over the coming term. Oscar had a great time and has made a new friend called Harry who joined the group this week and I made a new friend called Rowenne aka Harry's mum.

This slide from the roof is very popular but it seems the stairs are a little boring.

After the group we went straight to Oscar's swimming lesson then Oscar had his friend Jared round for tea.

Today we went to Latin Group. It turns out the kids are much better at Latin than the adults so we now let the older children lead the lesson and it seems to be working really well. Oscar was very pleased to catch up with some more friends he hasn't seen since before Christmas and made another new friend called Liam.

We made it home just in time for a quick dinner then Oscar had his first St. Johns Ambulance group of the new year. He said that this evening he learnt about kitchen hazards, drew pictures of different foods that might be good for someone who is feeling unwell and played several games of 'fox in the middle'. I have no idea what that game is but it would seem it involves lots of running around and Oscar likes it.

I'm looking forward to having a whole day at home tomorrow!