Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Our week so far.....

 On Monday we finished off the poetry project.

Then we did some reading with a difference.
 I loved The Faraway Tree Stories when I was little and Oscar really enjoyed reading it on his DS along with little quizzes and things to collect along the way.

After lunch Oscar did some colouring.

Then we played pairs,

and pick up sticks.

Then we had a look at Oscar's Twisty Tangrams.

 I have no idea what that face is about!

Then it was off out in the rain for a taekwondo lesson.

On Tuesday Oscar and I went to our home ed group.
We haven't been since before Christmas so it was lovely to catch up with everyone. It was agreed that we would just let the kids play this week while the parents had a chat about things we could do over the coming term. Oscar had a great time and has made a new friend called Harry who joined the group this week and I made a new friend called Rowenne aka Harry's mum.

This slide from the roof is very popular but it seems the stairs are a little boring.

After the group we went straight to Oscar's swimming lesson then Oscar had his friend Jared round for tea.

Today we went to Latin Group. It turns out the kids are much better at Latin than the adults so we now let the older children lead the lesson and it seems to be working really well. Oscar was very pleased to catch up with some more friends he hasn't seen since before Christmas and made another new friend called Liam.

We made it home just in time for a quick dinner then Oscar had his first St. Johns Ambulance group of the new year. He said that this evening he learnt about kitchen hazards, drew pictures of different foods that might be good for someone who is feeling unwell and played several games of 'fox in the middle'. I have no idea what that game is but it would seem it involves lots of running around and Oscar likes it.

I'm looking forward to having a whole day at home tomorrow!

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