Thursday, 30 September 2010

Action Stations

Today Oscar and I went to Action Stations a science museum at the Dockyard.
Oscar loved it and so did I, he had a brilliant time.

Here Oscar is having a go at directing a wing and learning about wind streams.

He liked racing me to see who could get their propeller to the end fastest.

We built a bridge from foam blocks then Oscar tested it's strength and learnt about the strength of arches.

He sat down and had a little jiggle just to really test it's strength.

He built a huge circuit to make a radio work.

He had a go on the climbing wall but his little legs let him down a bit here.

This was great, you can't really see it in the picture but by turning a handle Oscar was able to make the moon rotate and could watch as the tide rose around the model of Portsmouth to better understand how the moons gravitational pull effects our seas.

And then there was the The Magic Planet.
Using this touch screen control panel Oscar was able to choose which planet to look at, once he had chosen a planet a 3D animated projection of it appeared on the globe showing how that planet looks from space.
A whole load of info about that planet was then available on the screen including the names of the planets moons which he could also chose to see projected onto the globe.
Anyone who has visited this blog before will appreciate just how much Oscar loved this exhibit. We didn't really get to look at much else after he found this so it's a good job we have a season ticket for the dockyard.
It really is very impressive.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Latin and St Johns Ambulance

Today was our second Latin class and Oscar had a great time learning how to say hello, how to change his name to a Latin name and introduce himself. The children then sent some time playing a board game and looking at fossils.
Oscar is very pleased that his Latin name Oscarus sounds like a dinosaur.


After the Latin group Oscar went to his friends house for tea then St Johns Ambulance.
This week was Oscar third time at St Johns and he is really enjoying it but tonight was even better as two of his friends from our home ed group joined tonight and he was really pleased to have them there.
At this evenings meeting the children had a tour of an ambulance and made a clown mask each.
Oscar is very proud of his mask and spent the whole journey home telling his Dad all about the things you can find inside an ambulance.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Home Ed book group

Today at our Home Ed group the children all discussed the story of Flat Stanley that they had read over the previous week then they all made their very own Flat Person to send off around the world to have some adventures.

Then it was off outside to play.
After the group Oscar had a swimming lesson so it was another busy day.

Amberley Working Museum

On Friday Oscar and I went to Amberley Working Museum with a whole load of other Home Schoolers. We both had a great day, we got to meet some new people and catch up with others we haven't seen for a while and the weather held out all day. Here are a few photos from the day.
 Oscar had a great time looking round an old Fire Station complete with fire engines.
 Then playing firemen with his friend Sam.

Checking out an old style phone box.

Then the children attended a workshop about how transport has changed over the years.

Complete with a ride on an open top bus.

Then it was off to the potters where the children all made something with some clay.
NB: When I say made something I actually mean made a mess.

Next up was the printers.
The children were shown how printing used to be done then got to have a go themselves.

  A rather bumpy ride on a tram bus.

Then having fun on a small but very noisy train.
Oscar was very tired by the time we got home but he told he he had had a great day.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sun, sand and pizza.

Oscars day started with our home ed group where the children had lots of fun making pizzas (and mess).

I think they tasted pretty good.

Then the children headed outside to the playground where today they decided to see how much of the sand they could take home with them.

They are burrying one of the other children in the sand in this picture.

Little angels.

After the group Oscar had a swimming lesson and he left a fair bit of sand behind in the changing rooms.
He then had a friend home for tea so when he went to bed tonight he was very tired and very happy.

Monday, 20 September 2010


Today Oscar and I had a great day out with my mum and dad to Marwell Wildlife Park.
Here are some pictures from our day. If pictures of animals aren't really your thing then it's probably best if you skip this post and come back another day.

After we had spent the day walking round we took a train ride round the park before going home. Oscar couldn't believe his luck when the train driver asked him if he would like to have a sit in the drivers seat. He even got a chance to toot the horn.
A great end to a great day.