Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Home Ed Group

Today we went to our home ed group where Oscar made a mask.

And drew a picture.

Then it was off to the park where we had a quick lunch before the children ran off to play.
One of the things I love about home ed is how Oscar gets to spend time with children of all ages and they all get on really well and really look out for each other.

After some serious tree investigation Oscar found a stick branch,

And turned into Oscar the mud magnet super hero complete with tickling stick branch,

Oscar had alot of fun today.

My laptop is home :)

Hello, I haven't blogged for over a week because my laptop has been unwell and had to spend some time in the laptop hospital leaving me using a rather ancient laptop that even with the help of a zimmer frame was still terribly terribly slow and I just couldn't face waiting 20 odd minutes to upload just one photo so here is a bit of a catch up.

Over the last week as well as the usual time spent on his PC, taekwondo lessons and hanging out with friends and gardening Oscar has also worked very hard on a new project called 'Tell Me About Planet Earth'. Oscar learnt about what a planet is and about the other planets in our solar system.

He learnt how long it takes for the Earth to rotate once and how long it takes the Earth to orbit the Sun, why we have day and night and what causes the Earth to have different seasons.

Oscar also learnt about continents, what they are and how many there are. He learnt about how much of the Earth is made up of water and ways we can take care of the Earth.

Oscar really enjoyed doing the project and has asked if we can do more so next up is the Sun.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Our week

I just realised I haven't blogged all week so here is a bit of what we have been up to.
Monday morning Oscar spent some time on Education City, he noticed he only had 12 games left to complete to finish all year one so he was determined to do them all and he did. I moved him up to the year 2 section and he has spent alot of time this week exploring the games. These are a bit harder and are actually making him think a bit but after a few teething problems he is now really enjoying it and has decided it's not that hard after all.

He was given this great picture of his favourite characters and has been really enjoying coloring it in. Hopefully he will finish it sometime next week.

Oscar did some spelling practice.

We made some flapjacks but I decided we should make one and a half times the amount in the recipe book so Oscar had to calculate how much of each thing we needed.

This month at our home ed group we are looking at recycling. This week the children learnt about the importance of reusing and recycling items they no longer use. Then they all made their own creatures using things from their recycling boxes at home. Here are the finished products.

Then it was off to the cafe where Oscar played on the bus with his friend Seth.

and had a HUGE piece of cake.

Then it was off to the park.

And there has been lots and lots of scooting.
 Oscar loves his new scooter, we haven't left the house without it since that day it was bought.

Oscar has also been to his friends house for tea, had a friend round here to play, been to taekwondo classes and had a drumming lesson. A pretty busy week really but lots of fun.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Fun in the sun.

Today we met up with some of our home ed friends to visit the Natural History Museum.
The Children loved the butterfly house and were lucky enough to see this butterfly just out it's chrysalis. They will hang like this for 4 - 5 hours to dry before taking their first flight.

Oscar loved seeing these butterflies having some lunch.

We also saw some fish that can be found in local waters. This picture is of the rare but very beautiful Oscar and Catarina fish.

We looked at displays of local wildlife.

Then we went outside for a picnic and the children had fun exploring the gardens.

And Oscar did lots and lots of scooting.

We got home just in time to grab his taekwondo gear and head out for his class. What a lovely day.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Home Ed Group

Today we went to our home ed group at the library. Today we had a lady from Friends of the Earth come to the library to talk to the children about the importance of recycling. It was great for the children to have the chance to learn from someone new and Oscar has certainly learnt alot from today's session.
After the library it was off to the park.
Oscar was fascinated with the broken tennis racket he found.

And he had lots of fun running and climbing with his new friend Jordan

A bit of a catch up

Well I haven't blogged for a while, mainly because Oscar hasn't been very well. Last Wednesday we went to our home ed group where the children continued with their Solar System project and then they all made a fish decoration.

Then Oscar and Seth managed to sneak off and get 15minutes on the computers.

Not long after we left the library Oscar said he was feeling unwell so we came home. He was unwell for the rest of the week so we didn't really do anything apart from lie on the sofa and watch films.

This week we have been to see The Lion Who Wanted to Love at the Theatre. This was different to things Oscar has seen before as there was a small Orchestra on stage and a singer/ storyteller. The singer explained to the audience that we needed to join in and help the orchestra tell the story. We were given different noises we need to make (monkey sounds, parrots etc) and a song to sing. The Orchestra then played, the Storyteller sang and we all joined in. Afterwards the children were all given some paper where they could write their own music and the musicians were all able to read every type of music so they moved around the theatre and the children got to hear their music played on a variety of different instruments. Unfortunately my photos aren't very good.

Oscar had a wonderful time and it's a real pleasure to see him start to really appreciate music.

The other thing we have been doing this week is weighing and measuring so we made some muffins.

And some banana flapjacks.