Monday, 18 October 2010

The Digestive System

Today Oscar and I spent some time doing more of his human body project. Oscar learnt all about the digestive system.

After lunch we got out one of his Horrible Science kits so he could get a hands on look at the thing he learnt thins morning. 
First he looked at what happens if you mix up the wrong things in your stomach.

Then we mixed up some blood with small lumps in it

and poured it through a model kidney that has a filter in the middle so Oscar see how kidneys work as a filtration system.

Then we filled up this bladder model before giving it a squeeze.

Finally Oscar squeezed some poo through a tube (several times to much laughter)!

Before going to Taekwondo Oscar decided to have a read of this book.
The Little Genius books are brilliant, I would recommend them to anyone.
So we had a delightful all be it rather disgusting day.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

A bit of this and a bit of that.

I have managed to get myself another cold so today Oscar and I spent the day at home. Oscar spent his morning doing some multiplication and division before reading a Horrid Henry book.
After lunch we did some science experiments. First up was to make a pumping heart to follow on from the human body project Oscar is doing.

Oscar was able to see how blood goes in one side of the heart and out the other due to the valve system. He also discovered that this pump is why we can hear our hearts beating.

Then we had a look at the surface tension of water and Oscar put some washing up liquid behind the boats to see what happened.

Then there was just enough time for a game of draughts before going to taekwondo.

Latin hunt

This week we couldn't use our usual room for Latin so we went on a Latin Hunt around one of our local parks where there are lots of memorials and the Cathedral.

I do believe he's spotted something

Then the children learnt about Roman Numerals, it turns out Oscar had worked them out from clocks he has seen.

After that the children had a play and the parents played hunt the children.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Home Ed Group - Fairy Looms

At this weeks home ed group the children made fairy looms. Basically you get some sticks, tie them together to make a square then weave some wool or string round them as the framework.
Once that's done you can decorate it with anything you like. Oscar used feathers, leaves wool and a flower.

Then the children all went outside to play in the sunshine.

One of the other mums eventually managed to round the children up and convince them to sit still for 10 minutes so they could all come up with ideas of things we could do as a group. The children came up with a great selection of things to do so we should be kept busy over the coming months.

Then before it was time for us to leave the children had some fun pretending to be fish, monsters and frogs during a dance and movement session with another of the mums.

Then Oscar and I raced off to his swimming lesson before coming home worn out from a lovely day.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Human Body

Oscar has been asking me for a while now if we could do a human body project so we started one today.
Today Oscar learnt that there are 6 body systems and then he learnt about the heart, how it works and what it does.

This afternoon Oscar found his pulse and then checked it after various activities before logging them in his pulse book for the project.

And jumping jacks.

Then he had a look at his interactive human body computer thingy.

Then this evening Oscar had his presentation at Taekwondo. Having passed his testing on Friday he is now a green belt.

Catch up

Oscar and I were both feeling a bit grotty last week but we still seemed to do alot.
 Here are a few pics of the things we got up to.

We played some games.

We made some brownies, they don't look very pretty but they tasted good.

Oscar spent some time doing an activity book and even did some handwriting practice.

On Wednesday we went to our Latin Group, Oscar is really enjoying the Latin class, this week he learnt about dates along with some new words. then the children were read the story of Medusa before making their own Medusa pictures.

 After Latin we went to the park with some of the other children form the group for some lunch and playtime.

On Saturday we went to the dockyard where Oscar enjoyed some activities on board HMS Warrior.

He coloured in a picture of his silhouette.

This was supposed to be a self portrait but Oscar decided an Alien from Planet Christmas would be more fun.

We had a wander round the ship.

Then we went to The Mary Rose Museum where Oscar was able to handle some artifacts from the ship.

And meet the apothecary.

Oscar also had a drumming lesson, went to St. Johns Ambulance and had a testing at Taekwondo. Not bad for a quiet week.