Monday, 11 October 2010

Catch up

Oscar and I were both feeling a bit grotty last week but we still seemed to do alot.
 Here are a few pics of the things we got up to.

We played some games.

We made some brownies, they don't look very pretty but they tasted good.

Oscar spent some time doing an activity book and even did some handwriting practice.

On Wednesday we went to our Latin Group, Oscar is really enjoying the Latin class, this week he learnt about dates along with some new words. then the children were read the story of Medusa before making their own Medusa pictures.

 After Latin we went to the park with some of the other children form the group for some lunch and playtime.

On Saturday we went to the dockyard where Oscar enjoyed some activities on board HMS Warrior.

He coloured in a picture of his silhouette.

This was supposed to be a self portrait but Oscar decided an Alien from Planet Christmas would be more fun.

We had a wander round the ship.

Then we went to The Mary Rose Museum where Oscar was able to handle some artifacts from the ship.

And meet the apothecary.

Oscar also had a drumming lesson, went to St. Johns Ambulance and had a testing at Taekwondo. Not bad for a quiet week.

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