Monday, 18 October 2010

The Digestive System

Today Oscar and I spent some time doing more of his human body project. Oscar learnt all about the digestive system.

After lunch we got out one of his Horrible Science kits so he could get a hands on look at the thing he learnt thins morning. 
First he looked at what happens if you mix up the wrong things in your stomach.

Then we mixed up some blood with small lumps in it

and poured it through a model kidney that has a filter in the middle so Oscar see how kidneys work as a filtration system.

Then we filled up this bladder model before giving it a squeeze.

Finally Oscar squeezed some poo through a tube (several times to much laughter)!

Before going to Taekwondo Oscar decided to have a read of this book.
The Little Genius books are brilliant, I would recommend them to anyone.
So we had a delightful all be it rather disgusting day.

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