Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Home Ed Group - Fairy Looms

At this weeks home ed group the children made fairy looms. Basically you get some sticks, tie them together to make a square then weave some wool or string round them as the framework.
Once that's done you can decorate it with anything you like. Oscar used feathers, leaves wool and a flower.

Then the children all went outside to play in the sunshine.

One of the other mums eventually managed to round the children up and convince them to sit still for 10 minutes so they could all come up with ideas of things we could do as a group. The children came up with a great selection of things to do so we should be kept busy over the coming months.

Then before it was time for us to leave the children had some fun pretending to be fish, monsters and frogs during a dance and movement session with another of the mums.

Then Oscar and I raced off to his swimming lesson before coming home worn out from a lovely day.

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