Thursday, 30 September 2010

Action Stations

Today Oscar and I went to Action Stations a science museum at the Dockyard.
Oscar loved it and so did I, he had a brilliant time.

Here Oscar is having a go at directing a wing and learning about wind streams.

He liked racing me to see who could get their propeller to the end fastest.

We built a bridge from foam blocks then Oscar tested it's strength and learnt about the strength of arches.

He sat down and had a little jiggle just to really test it's strength.

He built a huge circuit to make a radio work.

He had a go on the climbing wall but his little legs let him down a bit here.

This was great, you can't really see it in the picture but by turning a handle Oscar was able to make the moon rotate and could watch as the tide rose around the model of Portsmouth to better understand how the moons gravitational pull effects our seas.

And then there was the The Magic Planet.
Using this touch screen control panel Oscar was able to choose which planet to look at, once he had chosen a planet a 3D animated projection of it appeared on the globe showing how that planet looks from space.
A whole load of info about that planet was then available on the screen including the names of the planets moons which he could also chose to see projected onto the globe.
Anyone who has visited this blog before will appreciate just how much Oscar loved this exhibit. We didn't really get to look at much else after he found this so it's a good job we have a season ticket for the dockyard.
It really is very impressive.


  1. That looks fantastic - i can just imagine how much Oscar loved it there!!

  2. He really did love it and can't wait to go again. He was a bit disappointed when I said he couldn't have a magic planet for Christmas though.