Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Amberley Working Museum

On Friday Oscar and I went to Amberley Working Museum with a whole load of other Home Schoolers. We both had a great day, we got to meet some new people and catch up with others we haven't seen for a while and the weather held out all day. Here are a few photos from the day.
 Oscar had a great time looking round an old Fire Station complete with fire engines.
 Then playing firemen with his friend Sam.

Checking out an old style phone box.

Then the children attended a workshop about how transport has changed over the years.

Complete with a ride on an open top bus.

Then it was off to the potters where the children all made something with some clay.
NB: When I say made something I actually mean made a mess.

Next up was the printers.
The children were shown how printing used to be done then got to have a go themselves.

  A rather bumpy ride on a tram bus.

Then having fun on a small but very noisy train.
Oscar was very tired by the time we got home but he told he he had had a great day.

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