Sunday, 12 September 2010

Thanks Mum x

My mum came round at the start of last week with a Not Back to School Box for Oscar. We are very lucky that my parents completely support our decision to home educate so my mum has been collecting things throughout the year for Oscar to have for the new school year.

Isn't my mum great?

Oscar and I were both really pleased with his box of goodies and Oscar has been busy starting on some of his new workbooks.

We have also been having fun with this box of tricks I found brand new at a boot sale for £1.

We did some experiments to learn about air  pressure.

The deep sea diver fascinated Oscar and is still in the kitchen as I haven't been allowed to take it apart yet.

What happens when you put your finger over the end of a straw before taking it out of the water?

But this was Oscar's favourite (the cup is full of water).

OK so I shouldn't really need the box of tricks to help me out with these experiments but science at school was a few years ago now and I will admit that my friend Katy and I spent far to much time chatting.
One of the many great things about Home Ed is that I am learning too.

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