Tuesday, 7 September 2010

New Room for the Home Ed Group

Due to cut backs we may well be losing our room at the library so we have been looking for somewhere new to meet each week. We have been incredibly lucky to be offered a room at an adventure playground in the centre of the city. We have the room and the playground for 3 hours each week and today was our first day there. We decided this week to just let the kids do what they wanted and get a feel for the space. The weather was in our favour so they spent the whole time outside and they all seemed to love it. Oscar said it was fantabulous!

This slide comes down from the roof.

One of the parents there today commented on how lovely it is that the children play so well together even though they range in age from 3 to 13. It's something I have heard said a number of times and something I still find a real joy. I also really appreciate the other parents at the group, we all get on well even though we are from different backgrounds and with different outlooks on life when we come together we have as much fun as the children.

Oscar really liked playing swing ball.

The children really enjoyed digging a river in the sand pit.

Then taking it in turns to run the water and watch the river flow.

Oscar had a really great time today and can't wait to go back again next week. Home Education has been so good for him. The quiet, shy, scared little boy we de registered from school last year used to sped his time at the home ed group sat on my lap or hiding in a book but today I barely saw him apart from when he was hungry.
I cannot begin to imagine sending him back to school at the moment. He is happy, he is learning and anyone who questions socialisation should take a look at our calendar!

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