Friday, 16 July 2010

Our week

I just realised I haven't blogged all week so here is a bit of what we have been up to.
Monday morning Oscar spent some time on Education City, he noticed he only had 12 games left to complete to finish all year one so he was determined to do them all and he did. I moved him up to the year 2 section and he has spent alot of time this week exploring the games. These are a bit harder and are actually making him think a bit but after a few teething problems he is now really enjoying it and has decided it's not that hard after all.

He was given this great picture of his favourite characters and has been really enjoying coloring it in. Hopefully he will finish it sometime next week.

Oscar did some spelling practice.

We made some flapjacks but I decided we should make one and a half times the amount in the recipe book so Oscar had to calculate how much of each thing we needed.

This month at our home ed group we are looking at recycling. This week the children learnt about the importance of reusing and recycling items they no longer use. Then they all made their own creatures using things from their recycling boxes at home. Here are the finished products.

Then it was off to the cafe where Oscar played on the bus with his friend Seth.

and had a HUGE piece of cake.

Then it was off to the park.

And there has been lots and lots of scooting.
 Oscar loves his new scooter, we haven't left the house without it since that day it was bought.

Oscar has also been to his friends house for tea, had a friend round here to play, been to taekwondo classes and had a drumming lesson. A pretty busy week really but lots of fun.

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