Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Cat in the Hat

Today was book group and this months book was The Cat in the Hat. Oscar had a great time.
First the children talked about the book.
Then Oscar got to show off his Thing 1 jumper and assure everyone that he isn't as naughty as Thing 1 or Thing 2. Unfortunately all also chose this moment to fiddle with his hat!
Then is was craft time, the children all made a Cat's Hat pencil holder, a kite and drew a picture in red, blue, black and white - the same colours used in the illustrations in the book.

Our little group has really grown over the last couple of months and we are really lucky that everyone gets on so well. Oscar and I have both made some new friends and one of the things I love about our group is how well the children get on. 

After a quick lunch the children went out to play, this week it was a game of spies and this is the spy tower.

Right at the top is the spy den complete with spy snacks.

When I finally managed to convince my little spy to come down we went to his swimming lesson, Oscar and his friends seem to have really progressed over the last couple of weeks and I'm now hopeful that he could be swimming by the summer. After swimming his friend Jared came back for tea and to play so all in all it was another busy day.

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