Sunday, 30 January 2011

A big catch up.

Hello everyone, for various reason (mostly my laziness) I haven't blogged for ages so here's a bit of a catch up on some of the things Oscar and I have been doing.

On Monday we continued with our Five Senses project, this week Oscar learnt about hearing and touch.

Oscar made a Birthday card for my Dad and made an extra special effort with his handwriting as it was for his Grandad.

These are some of the books we have read.

At the home ed group this week the children made bird feeders.

Then had lots of fun in the sand pit.

After Jordan had been buried Oscar asked if it was ok for him to be buried in the sand, I must be mad because I agreed! Roger was very confused when he found a little pile of sand on the sofa where Oscar had been sitting after he came home.

Then on Thursday we all met up at the park for the RSPB bird count, it was freezing out and the children seemed to do more running around than counting birds then after an hour we went over to the play area where the parents stood around getting even colder while the children ran around some more.

Then we went and fed the animals before heading to the warmth of my parents house for lunch.

Thursday afternoon Oscar and I went swimming with my dad and my brother, Oscar really enjoyed himself so we went again Friday afternoon. This is a really good deal for me as I will be quite glad when Oscar can swim and I can stop paying for lessons, he has almost got it he just needs to gain some confidence in the water so I'm hoping some regular swimming sessions on top of his weekly lesson and he will be swimming confidently soon. Also because my Dad and brother are there I get to swim a few lengths myself.

Oscar was really excited when he came home from St. Johns this week as he had been given his first badge and certificate. It's his Entertainer badge for all the music, singing, dancing, little play and finally the Christmas Show he did last term.

Thanks to my friend Sarah I found some great workbooks online for $1 each, Oscar really enjoyed plotting these pictures on a graph and colouring them in.

And he did really well with these algebra readiness worksheets.

There has also been another visit to Action Stations and The Mary Rose Museum.

The volunteers in the museum are always incredibly patient with Oscar when he bombards them with questions about the artifacts they have out for visitors to handle.

Finally Oscar and Roger went to visit Rogers mum and when Oscar came home he drew me a picture of one of the things he did at Granny's house.
The picture is of Oscar, Granny, Daddy and Auntie Mary playing heads or tales (also known as noses and knickers) and the sentence says 'Heads and Tales Dad won something good'. Oscar has a way to go yet but he has started writing through choice sometimes now which is really lovely to see.

Oh... and in case anyone is wondering we are still using a timetable, Oscar likes it so much we have gone all posh and made ourselves a fancy laminated one.

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