Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy Monday

Oscar and I have decided to have a go at using a timetable this is because Oscar really does like and need routine, he is much happier if he knows what is happening and when so this morning I wrote out a plan for the day with a time for each activity.
We started with a new project.

Oscar loves playing with words especially rhyming so he had great fun with this.

After looking at the vocabulary words he listed words that rhyme with fall, bat, stack and clock. Then he picked his own words then listed lots of other words that rhymed with them.

Finally he circled the rhyming words in Jack and Jill then wrote his own Jack and Jill poem.
Jack and Jill went down the road,
They wet to the shop to buy a toad.
Jack ran and jumped and hoped and skipped,
Jill gave Jack a great big kiss.

Then we had a little break before reading some of Oscars poetry books.
He particularly likes Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes and I must admit, so do I.

After lunch Oscar coloured in some of the pictures in a space coloring book I found at the bottom of a drawer over the weekend (I still have no idea where it came from).

Then after a quick trip to the shop we made a kaleidoscope with a kit Oscar was given for Christmas.
He's very pleased with the final result.

Then Oscar helped me make cowboy casserole using a recipe from a cook book I was given for Christmas. I did have to spend quite a long time explaining that there would be no cowboys, cows. boys, lassos, stetsons, spurs, chaps or boots in his dinner before he agreed to help.

It tasted fine but seems like a lot of effort for sausage, beans and mash.

The timetable seemed to work well today and I certainly didn't have to put up with being asked every 5 minutes what we would be doing next because although he gets the same answer every time he still likes to ask a question 20 odd times before he settles. Today he could see what was happening and when on the wall so didn't need to ask me. I think he may actually have been a little calmer and less fidgety too. It will be interesting to see if this still works well in a few weeks.


  1. The Girl has gone for a timetable too. She's very excited by it so I'm hoping it's lifespan is more than a week :) I have had to explain to her tho' that we won't be giving up all our outside activities just so that she can do french the same time every day!
    She really sees it as a major plus in the favour of HE, as she has decided what's gone on it :) Hopefully, it will make life a lot easier :)
    Good luck with yours!

  2. It will be interesting so see how it pans out, we are at the moment just going for a plan for each day that we set out in the morning. We had fallen into a bit more of a routine before Christmas anyway ie lapbooking on Mondays, Home Ed Group Tuesday, Latin on Wednesday etc. We have now just got a set time for each of the days activities. Oscar has always liked routine so it makes sense for him. Let me know how you get on with yours.

    BTW your blog is great, I have now got a couple of new resource's for lapbooks so thanks :)