Friday, 26 November 2010

A fabulous day.

Today Oscar and I went to The Victorian Festival of Christmas at the Dockyard. The Dockyard had been turned into a Victorian winter wonderland with people dressed in period costumes and absolutely loads to do and see. 
Here are some photos of our fabulous day.

As we walked in the gate we were greeted by this couple singing Christmas Carols.

Oscar got to meet a traditional Victorian Father Christmas.

We saw a local youth theatre group perform a scene from Peter Pan.

Oscar thought the Queen of hearts playing croquet was hilarious as was the white rabbit.

And he loved Doctor Dean's Flea circus with Hercufleas, Fleavel Knievel and Miss Flea Flea.

He was very pleased to discover a chicken amongst all the horses on the merry go round.

The Victorian style magician was brilliant.

Oscar really likes Mary Poppins so this performance of songs from the musical was very popular.

Oscar spent ages trying to count all the instruments being played by this one man band.

We both enjoyed this performance of Scrooge.

Oscar didn't really rate Victorian bicycles as a mode of transport.

Oscar was surprisingly happy to sit and watch the Pearly King and Queen.

In the afternoon we stopped for a hot chocolate and snowman biscuit and when we went back outside it was dark and everything looked even more magical.

You can't beat a Salvation Army brass band playing carols to get you in the festive spirit.

Oscar thought this was a statue so got a real surprise when he jumped forward at us. 
After that I had no chance of getting a photo of him with Oscar in it too as Oscar seemed to think it wise to keep at least a metre between him and the statue/man at all times.

Fagin can't be so bad as he gave Oscar a lolly pop.

The petting farm was lovely, as well as this sheep there was a Shetland pony some ducks, chickens, rabbits and a goat.

The Warrior looked stunning lit up, this photo really doesn't do it justice.

When we had our lunch we shared a table with some friendly old ladies visiting on a coach trip.
They all thought Oscar was lovely and really well behaved and when we left they each gave him a pound. Oscar used the money to buy this lovely super soft super floppy bunny that he has named Frank and I could resist the cute raccoon hat.
We both had a really lovely day and Oscar has already asked if we can go again next year.

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