Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Home Ed Group - Advent Candles, Felting Beads Snow and Dancing.

Yesterday we went to our home ed group, the children started the session by making an advent candle each by rolling a beeswax sheet around a wick and then making marks down the side for each day of advent.

Then the children learnt how to wet felt.
 Turning this into beads to hang on the Christmas tree.
Although Oscar thought this one would make a good Rudolph nose

After lunch the children went out to play and Oscar made a new friend called Lucy.

Then it snowed and we had a group of very excited children.

We managed to tempt them all in from the snow for their weekly dance session.

As you can see from the video Oscar loves dancing and I'm really quite pleased about that, particularly as Charmaine who does the dancing with the children is the daughter of the dancing teacher I had from when I was Oscars age until I was about 16 or 17. I even recognise some of the routines.

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  1. I love Oscar's dancing....he looks so happy!
    I can't wait for us to join in the new year :-)