Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Party.

Yesterday Oscar and I went to our Home Ed groups Christmas party.
We aren't able to use our usual room at the Adventure Playground during school holidays but one of the families from the group was brave enough to open their home to us and another of the mum's organised party games. We all took a secret Santa gift and a plate of food and a brilliant time was had by all.

The children played musical statues with silly faces,

balloon games,

musical chairs,

the chocolate game,

and they wrapped each other up in toilet paper to make snowmen!

There was also lots of singing dancing and giggling. At the end of the party the children were given their secret Santa gifts, Oscar was very pleased with his chattering teeth and whoopee cushion and I highly recommend checking your seat before sitting down if Oscar is anywhere nearby!
Oscar declared todays party 'The best Christmas party ever'. 
A big thank you to Louise and Charmaine for making it such a special day.

 When we arrived home I found that my long awaited Amazon parcel had finally arrived, in it was this book that was recommended to me by my friend Sarah.
We read the book last night and again tonight, Oscar thinks it's brilliant as it is full of all the details about how Father Christmas gets everything ready for the big night, including facts about the North Pole, reindeer, Christmas trees and other fun Christmas stuff along with all the magic of the sleigh with it's enchanted cargo hold that never gets full, Santa's magic Snowsuit that gets fluffier or thinner according to the weather and the secret of how Santa gets all those toys delivered in just one night (he has the help of a bubble timer).
Thanks for the tip Sarah, it's a brilliant buy.

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