Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow Day

When we got up this morning it had snowed again, that along with lots of people having coughs and colds we decided to cancel the Latin group this week so Oscar and I finished his Christmas project.

Oscar learnt about the history of Christmas lights and decorations.

 Why we have Poinsettia plants at Christmas.

Why some people and places have nativity scenes and the history of the candy cane.

 And then he learnt about Father Christmas around the world.

After lunch we had a look at one of Oscar Disney encyclopedias, my dad has been collecting these for Oscar with vouchers from our local newspaper, they are lovely books packed with information and Oscar loves being told about interesting things by some of his favourite characters.

Then Oscar did some colouring.

Finally Oscar went to St. Johns this evening for the dress rehearsal of the Christmas show.

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