Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Georges Marvelous Medcine

Today it was our monthly book group at our home ed group. This months book was Georges marvelous Medicine. The children all talked about the book then they had a go at making some of the own concoctions.

The children all drew a picture of the ting they would most like to put into a marvelous medicine.

Then they all made a bouncy ball using PVA glue, borax and food colouring.

As it was such a wet day today the children couldn't really go outside to play but Sarah who had organised the book group had also brought a parachute.

Sarah organised lots of games for the children.

One of the mums at the group organises some dancing with the children at the end of each session and Oscar loves it. Each week I try and take some pictures but they pretty much always come at blurry because he is moving around so much. This week I suddenly remembered that I can film things on my camera as well as take pictures.

There was just enough tome for a quick game of piggy in the middle before we had to head off to Oscars swimming lesson.


  1. Oh, how cute do they all look doing their dance - so sweet :-)

  2. Really cute :) Finn is going to love coming I'm sure!