Monday, 1 November 2010

Today it was 'back to school' so the first thing we did this morning was some more of the human body project. Today Oscar learnt about the nervous system. Then we read another of his Little Genius books.
As I have said before I love these books and so does Oscar.

Then we did some more reading but with a change of topic. It's really important to Roger and I that Oscar has a good understanding of different religions and cultures and what he chooses to believe or not is down to him.
So today we read form these two books.
Oscar was really interested (unlike a few months ago when I tried this) and he learnt alot about our culture and others. He is still highly sceptical about the whole religion thing though and is struggling to get his head around the idea of believing in something that cannot be proven.

After lunch we got out the Blood Bones and Body Bits kit. We mixed up some plaster of paris and filled a brain mould that Oscar will paint later in the week. Then we filled a bowl with a mixture of sand, porridge oats, water and some black food colouring, Oscar gave it a good mix before tipping it into a bag. The result was a bag containing a substance that assuming we followed the instructions properly looked and felt like brains and was of about the same weight as an adult brain.

Then we put together this model of a brain.

After all that there was a knock at the door, it was a delivery of some new books I had ordered for Oscar. I love books and am glad to say that Oscar does to so I have decided that it is a good time for him to start to read some of the greats form literature. I was really excited when I found this collection of sixteen Shakespeare plays rewritten for children.
I'm pleased to say that Oscar thought A Midsummer Nights Dream was hilarious and can't wait to read another of these great stories later in the week.


  1. Good for Oscar! :)

    Skepticism is a useful and powerful thing imo.


  2. Thanks Stuart,

    Oscar can't seem to help but question everything he is told, although it can drive me crazy at times I'm really quite pleased he does.