Thursday, 24 February 2011

A trip to Winchester.

On Friday we went on a trip to Winchester with the rest of our Latin group.
We started at The Discovery Centre where the children were able to search through some remains from an Archaeological dig and look for pieces of slate and fish and animal bones. The children also got to look at various finds form local digs.

Oscar even got to dress up as an archaeologist. This was quite a big deal as Oscar has refused to dress up when we are out since an incident at another museum about a year ago. I think having his friend Jordan with him gave him the confidence he needed to enjoy dressing up again.

We also looked at there Romans display where there was another opportunity to dress up.

Oscar learnt about a Roman soldiers diet.

He looked at the different things they carried with them.

And he learnt about the different ports where the Romans landed in Britain.

Once he had learnt a bit about the life of a Roman soldier Oscar was quite please to discover that he's not tall enough to be one.

After the discovery centre and some lunch we went to visit the old debtors prison.

On our way up to the roof we were able to see graffiti scratched into the walls by the prisoners, unfortunately it didn't show up on my photos. But Oscar was very pleased to find this archers window.

Then we went to visit The Great Hall which is the only surviving part of Winchester Castle.

Once inside we were able to see the legendary Arthurian round table which is pretty impressive.

We also had a look round the small but beautiful gardens.

Then we headed back into the city centre to visit the Cathedral, another stunning building.

On our way back to the station the children were very excited when they spotted this sign for an traditional style sweet shop so we all went inside and found some goodies for the journey home.

We all had a lovely day and are now hoping to go back and visit Winchester again, it's not far from us by train and he has an incredible wealth of wonderful architecture.

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