Sunday, 13 February 2011


On Saturday Oscar had a birthday party and not just any old birthday party but a taekwondo birthday party.
Oscar went to a friends taekwondo party last summer and has wanted one himself ever since. Basically his taekwondo instructors come along and play lots of games with the children, similar to the games played at the end of each taekwondo lesson. We hired a hall at the Church on the corner of our road and I spent the best part of three hours in the kitchen making sandwiches, plating up cakes and getting frustrated with the roll of cling film while Roger blew up balloons and tried to stop Oscar getting too excited. With the help of some friends we got the food to the hall and the decorations up. By the time the party started all I really wanted was a sit down and a cuppa but it was all worth it as I think all Oscar's friends had a good time and Oscar said his party was fantabulous.

Before the instructors left Oscar got to show his friends how to break a board, he was incredibly pleased with himself for breaking it with his first punch.

Then it was time for some food and the all important birthday cake.

Thank you to everyone who came and made Oscar's day so special he really did have a wonderful time and thank you to our friends who helped with making tea and supervising the food and drink.


  1. Thank you for inviting us. Boys had a wonderful time.

  2. Oh Oscar, your party looks brilliant!!! Glad you had a lovely time, and that board breaking is pretty impressive!!