Thursday, 17 February 2011

A funny old week.

This week started out ok, Oscar has been asking questions about gravity since he was 3 and understands the basic principles of how it works and has been asking me for a while now if we could do a project on gravity. I think he is now able to understand it all a little better so on Monday we started a project about it.

Oscar learnt about the difference between gravity and gravitation.

Then he learnt about some early theories of gravity.

Then we watched an episode of The Universe all about gravity.

By lunch time Oscar was getting a sore throat and was obviously coming down with a cold so we spent the afternoon on the sofa watching Harry Potter films.

Tuesday morning Oscar woke with a pretty nasty cold so we decided not to go to the home ed group which was a real shame but I didn't want to give everyone else his cold and we have a trip to Winchester to visit some museums with the Latin group arranged for Friday so I wanted to do everything I could to get him better for that. As a result nothing much of anything happened here on Tuesday.

On Wednesday Oscar seemed a lot better which was good as we had an appointment with a psychiatrist. This appointment comes after two and a half years of assessments Oscar has been having to see if he has Asperger Syndrome. On Wednesday we were told that he does have Aspergers. This came as no surprise to Roger and I as it's something we have long suspected. Now we know that he's on the Autistic Spectrum we are able to access some services that will hopefully help Oscar with his social and communication skills as these can be a bit of a problem for him and without the right help and support could become a bigger problem as he gets older. I must admit it's come as a bit of a relief in some ways because some people have been somewhat dismissive of his difficulties and I have at times thought that I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Having said that Oscar has some difficulties I should also say that Oscar (and all other people with Aspergers) has some wonderful and amazing traits. His memory is incredible as is his eye for detail. He is very honest and loving and wears his heart on his sleeve.  His levels of determination and perseverance are unbelievable, he will spend days doing something over and over until he gets it right. And when Oscar finds a subject that interests him he becomes totally absorbed in it wanting to learn as much as he can. This is the reason I have a 6 year old who knows how many major and minor moons each planet in our solar system has and is in  the process of learning their names! It can be a little wearing at times as it can become the only topic of conversation in our house for days, weeks and even months but his desire to learn is wondrous to me. 

As a result of Oscars cold and me being stressed about the appointment at the start of the week we really haven't done very much of anything but here a few pics of some of the things we have done.

Oscar has done lots of colouring in his Ben 10 colouring book that he received for his birthday.

We remembered for the first time in a few months to have a look at this hyacinth bulb my mum gave Oscar a while ago. My mum also has one and her and Oscar are going to see who gets the biggest flower. We were both rather excited to see all the roots and a small shoot.

We made one of Oscar's favourite things to eat - pizza.

We made this robot from a kit I found in a charity shop just before Christmas. It has a motor that we put together before we built the rest of it and it rolls along the carpet and drives the cats crazy.

We have also done lots of reading including starting an Enid Blyton Mystery ready for our next book group.

So that's been our funny old week. Oscar seems to be over his cold now and we are both looking forward to our trip to Winchester tomorrow and getting back into the real world and a bit of normality.

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  1. Now that you guys know that Oscar has Aspergers you will be able to focus on things that help him much much more and you will feel so much stronger as well when it comes to life.There is a reason why things are happening like they are and there are stratergies you can learn to help over come them.It wont be easy but you now have a much better direction to go in.
    Ah Harry potter helps cure almost all things, there is just something about getting lost in the world of the boy wizard that adults and children adore:)Hope your guy is feeling a lot better soon.