Thursday, 17 June 2010

Writing and drumming.

Well anyone who has read this blog before knows that I have a ongoing battle with writing, or more specificly Oscar writing. We decided we would lay off for a while and just do lots of colouring, drawing and dot to dots but then yesterday I discovered this.

Electronic handwriting practice. Oscar is a happy boy. The little screen has dots that appear and show you how to from the letter and a voice talks you through it then you trace over the line, brilliant! It also teaches drawing basic shapes and simple pictures. As soon as he had eaten his breakfast Oscar was playing with it and when I asked if he could come and paint some Birthday pictures for his Nan and Uncle he asked if he could practice the letters he would need to write first. Well what a result, if he keeps it up it will be £15 very well spent.

After he had practiced writing his letters he then  made some pictures for his Nan and Uncle. My mum has a hand print picture from Oscar every year for her birthday and she has kept them all. We always make an extra one for our kitchen and date it and the previous years picture is put away as a keepsake. Here are this years stripy masterpieces.

Then after lunch we went round to a friends house and Oscar has his first drumming lesson with his friend Remmy and I got to relax and have a chat with Remmys' mum, my friend Karen.
We both had a really nice afternoon, I wasn't sure how Oscar would take to the drums as he can find loud noise a bit overwhelming but he had a brilliant time. When we left I asked him on a scale of 1-10 how good it was and he said 20. He was also quick to inform me that Remmy said he could go once a week which suits me as I had a really lovely time too. So thank you Karen and Remmy x

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