Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Sun has got his hat on......

Well first up today was a trip to Portsmouth Natural History Museum, where Oscar got to see this butterfly just out of it's chrysalis but not quite ready to fly yet.

There were lots of fossils,

some fish,

a solar system display, Oscar stopped and read all the information about the planets!

There's an activity room where Oscar did this butterfly jigsaw

and had lots of fun looking at things through the microscope.

We also  looked at displays of wildlife that can been found in our local area.

Then we walked round the corner to The Model Village where Oscar had a great time playing giants.

Enjoying the view from a model of Southsea Castle.

Ratty, Toad, Badger and Mole.

A model of Portsmouth Guildhall and the Spinnaker Tower.

Then just before we left Oscar spotted Percy hiding in a tunnel.

Then we met some friends, had a picnic lunch and went crabbing.

We used ham as bait but the seagulls also liked the look of it.

The children were really excited when they caught these crabs and fish.

We got very hot so released the crabs and went over to the water play area.

Oscar and Hannah definitely had a good time here.

Then it was time for an ice cream and a bit of tree climbing.

Finally we headed round to a friend's house to play in their splash pool.

What a great day.

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