Thursday, 10 June 2010

Search Museum

It was back on the ferry today to go to SEARCH museum again. Oscar really likes it there as it's all very hands on. Here are some pictures of some of the things Oscar got to see and do.

Dressed as a bug collecting pollen.

Then dressed as a badger to go through  a 'sett' and collect pictures of different things a badger would eat.

Playing a matching game.

Reading some animal related rhymes.

Getting a better look at a bat.
And a dragonflies wing.

There were lots of skeletons which was great as Oscar really likes looking at them, he was particularly interested in this cat, maybe because we have two cats at home.
He asked if he can have a human skeleton for his bedroom.

He was fascinated by this coral.

The many sets of shark teeth were the cause of great interest and many questions.

And the size and weight of this elephants tooth bought about a gasp of surprise then 'imagine if an elephant got toothache'.

Putting on a show in the puppet theatre.

Following a recipe to make bug soup.

Then finally it was story time, unfortunately Oscar didn't like the story.

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