Monday, 14 June 2010

Monday Monday

Today started with some basic maths, Oscar hasn't done much in the way of maths recently but he did a good job.

Then it was more maths but this time on the computer. Oscar started a new game today.

He loved it and did really well. He is far better at maths than he thinks he is.

After lunch Oscar asked if we could make this Eerie Eyeball.

So we did and Oscar had lots of fun wandering round the house and garden looking at thing through his new eye.

Then he read a book about eyes.

Then we went to his Taekwondo lesson. On the way there Oscar practiced his times tables and on the way home we counted 102 England flags. It's only a 15 minute walk so that's alot of flags, OK so there were a couple of strings of bunting and each flag on them counted as one but still that's more than I expected when he suggested we count them.

A pretty productive day really.

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