Saturday, 5 June 2010

Monkey World

Today Oscar and I were lucky enough to have been invited by some friends who belong to The Wessex Children's Heart Circle to attend a day out at Monkey World. We've both had a really great day.
If you don't like pictures of monkeys then now would probably be a good time to leave.
This beautiful orangutan seemed to really love all the attention she was getting.
The boys thought she was great.

All the children were able to make treat bottles for the monkeys. They're made by filling an empty milk bottle with treats and wood straw.

Then we all got to watch while the monkeys had their treats.

As well as monkeys there was a huge play area
and blue slush puppies.

I think this picture sums up how Oscar felt about today.

Thank you so much to Emma, Jim, Jared, Garth and The Wessex Children's Heart Circle for inviting us today.

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