Friday, 14 May 2010

This week

This week Oscar has spent allot of time on the computer. How parents without a PC or internet access manage this whole home ed lark I have no idea but hats off to them.

Oscar did some maths in his workbook, practicing adding and subtracting money.

And we made some chocolate and vanilla mouse.

On Wednesday we went to our home ed group where the children talked about their homes and what they might have been like in the past. Toilets seemed to feature heavily in the conversation, Oscar still thinks it's really bizarre that his Grandad only had an outside toilet when he was young.

Then we all had a look at some old maps and Oscar learnt that our house didn't exist in 1896 but that his Granny's house (just round the corner from us) did.
The children also talked about coats of arms and family crests, we have a fridge magnet with our family coat of arms on that Oscar took to show his friends.

Then the children had fun designing their own coats of arms.
Oscar tried out various different designs.

He eventually decided this one was best.

After the library it was a quick dash to the park cafe to get out of the rain and have some lunch.
Once we had finished eating the rain had stopped and the sun came out so it was off to the play area where the children could let off steam.
Or in Oscars case chill out on the swing.

Today we went to Portsmouth museum where they had various displays, the children particularly liked looking at the displays of things that would have been found at the seaside in the past.
Personally I thought the laughing sailor was a bit creepy but Oscar liked it.
I was somewhat alarmed when I saw this Grand National game as I remember this being on the pier when I was (very) young. It's my Birthday next week and finding something in a museum that I remember from when I was a child has just confirmed that I am definitely getting old. 
Oscar really liked playing on it though which was nice as I remeber really enjoying it when I was his age. 
The wobbly mirror was also a source of great amusement and not just for the children.

Then we went into another area where the children were able to look at lots of different rooms set with items from the past.
This kitchen looks just like the kitchen at Oscars Great Great Aunts house.
Oscar saw how people used to cook and agreed with me that our halogen hob and fan assisted oven must be alot easier.
Finally it was off to the tea rooms for a cuppa and a chance for the children to run around/ climb things/ investigate a maze and generally enjoy being outside on a sunny day.
Then as we were leaving we discovered this crest on the wall.

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  1. I think this is just wonderful as I am passionate about family crest and Coats of Arms.

    If you have the lifestyle that lends itself to home schooling, it must be fantastic.