Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Gruffalo and Gardening

On Tuesday Oscar and I went to see The Gruffalo Live, Oscar had a brilliant time, he really enjoys going to the theatre and loves the book so it was a perfect day out for him.

On Wednesday we went to our home ed group at the library where the children each talked about  a famous person with a connection to Portsmouth. Oscar learnt about Bobby Stokes, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and John Pounds. Oscar talked about King Henry VIII who built Southsea Castle and he watched from there when The Mary Rose sank during a battle with the French fleet in 1545. The children then made some shoes (John Pounds was a cobbler), Oscar drew round his and coloured them in.

Then it was off to the Park for a picnic and some play.

The rest of the week Oscar has been reading these books by Julia Donaldson author of The Gruffalo.
We found some activities on the website so Oscar played some games online and we printed these out so he could do them.
We also made Gruffalo Crumble using a recipe from the website but that was consumed before I had the chance to get my camera out.

As the sun has been out we have spent loads of time in the garden.

Reading, spelling and playing noughts and crosses with Auntie Sally.

Oscar has been given a water table this year and Granny gave him some money for a sand table so he's had loads of fun making a mess with those.

And we found this.

So I'm guessing there's a birds nest somewhere in this.

Oscar really enjoys being out in the garden, we have planted various veggies and have some fruit tress and Oscar loves pulling his own carrots or digging for spuds so I hope this lovely weather lasts a while.


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