Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I love charity shops.

On Saturday I walked past a charity shop that had a sign in the window saying 'All Children's book 20p each', well I couldn't ignore an invitation like that so I went inside to find out more.
This is what I found

Well I love a bargain so this lot for £3.80 made my day.

As a result of this marvelous find Oscar and I have spent the last couple of days working through these two.
We have already finished the English book and Oscar has asked if he can start on the next one later this week and he is doing really well with the maths.

With books like this I tend to act as scribe because Oscar HATES writing. Writing is just too slow and he can't get the pencil to do exactly what his brain is telling it to do so it never looks how he wants it to look, result - a very frustrated Oscar. This for us is one of the advantages of home ed. Because Oscar's writing doesn't keep pace with his brain in school I'm pretty sure this would hold him back somewhat whereas at home he has his very own scribe enabling him to do maths, English, science etc at his own pace and his writing can be practiced and honed at a separate time and separate rate, result - 1 happy boy.

Oscar has also been busy helping to water the garden.

And learning on the computer (surprise, surprise).

Yesterday afternoon Oscar and I went to visit my Grandad, Oscar had a great time investigating his huge garden, then it was off to a taekwondo lesson.
This afternoon Oscar had a swimming lesson and for the first time managed to blow bubbles in the water without breathing in and swallowing half the pool, then he went to his friends house for tea.
It's not a bad life for a 5 year old is it?

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