Sunday, 30 May 2010

Home Ed Group and English Workbooks

On Wednesday Oscar and I went to our home ed group where the children wrapped up their history of Portsmouth month talking about historical buildings in Portsmouth. Oscar talked about Southsea castle and he learnt about The Kings Theatre and Portsmouth Dockyard. The children also discussed the modern architecture in the city including The Spinnaker Tower.

As a fun craft this week the children all made a kite. Oscar chose a bear.

On Thursday Oscar asked if he could do another English workbook so we started on this.
 Oscar really enjoyed it, so much so that after lunch he asked if he could do some more. He was really proud that he finished the whole thing in one day.

He enjoyed it so much that Friday morning he asked if he could do the next book, so he did and again completed the whole thing in one day.
These book are great, Oscar has learnt about antonyms, capital letters, full stops, speech marks, question marks, exclamation marks, comas, verbs, nouns, proper nouns and pronouns, adjectives, conjunctions, compound words,  contracting words, synonyms, vowels and consonants, syllables, prefixes, suffixes, verb tenses, homonyms, as well as lots of little tricks to help with spelling. Some of these are things we have talked about before and some were new concepts for Oscar but he grasped them all really quickly.
I love that Oscar loves learning and is genuinely interested in English and grammar. I hope his interest lasts.

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