Monday, 17 May 2010

Quiet day today

  Today Oscar had a pretty quiet day consisting of colouring, computer games and taekwondo because I had to spend the day doing all the houseworkey stuff that I usually do at weekends. The reason I had to do that   today is because I spent the weekend out and about with the boy.

On Saturday we went to Gruffalo day at the library, the librarian did a brilliant job of reading The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child, complete with voices and finger puppets. Then there were lots of different Gruffalo activity sheets for the children to do. Oscar loves The Gruffalo and had a great time and the librarian even agreed to let me take this pic for the blog.

On Sunday Oscar and I went out with my friend Emma and her 2 lovely boys who Oscar met whilst at nursery. The day started with the boys first ever trip to the cinema where we watched Bob the Builder and the Legend of the Golden Hammer. The boys loved it and all behaved impeccably. Oscar is now really excited about going to see Toy Story 3 when it comes out later this year.

After the cinema we had lunch then the boys had a hours play in the soft play area at Pirate Pete's.When their hour was up they ganged up on Emma and I bounced up and down asking to go to the aquarium so guess where we went next.

The boys were really pleased to see the  otters were awake and playing.

And we were all really excited to spot these shark eggs, we were able see the baby shraks wriggling around inside. They were truly amazing.

The aquarium has a great outdoor play area and the boys spent an hour running round out there, Oscar particularly liked the huge sand pit.
Then eventually it got too cold and windy and we were all getting tired and hungry so it was time to head home. We both had a lovely day but after such a busy weekend we agreed that we would take a day off today (well Oscar had a day off and I did the cleaning).

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