Saturday, 20 March 2010


I haven't blogged since Monday because we have been doing pretty much the same thing all week, maths.
 A couple of weeks ago I bought Oscar some posters, one of them was this.
Oscar has been fascinated with it and asked me to explain it to him, then he asked me how multiplication works. So I got out some engines and showed him.
He got the idea pretty quickly so I dug out a workbook and Oscar did some practice.

This is what Oscar has been doing pretty much all week.
We found some multiplication games on the computer.
He spent hours playing this and didn't want a hot cross bun until I told him he could eat it at the computer.
He can now also recite his 2 and 3 times tables.

When I was writing out some sums for Oscar on Friday I said that next week I would show him how to do subtraction using place value. He told me he could already do it, so I asked him how he knew and he said he just did. So I wrote out some sums for him and sure enough he knows how to do it!?

Friday afternoon I finally managed to tempt him away from his sums with this.

Another great charity shop find at just 50p.
So we made our own volcano.

Oscar loved it and I have told him that one day when the weather is good we will go out in the garden with a big bottle and make a bigger volcano.

So apart from a small volcano and a couple of trips to taekwondo that's been it this week really, maths, maths and more maths. Did I mention I've never liked maths?

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