Monday, 15 March 2010

Last week.

Hello, I haven't blogged for a while due to being very busy. But here are some photos of what Oscar got up to last week.
Oscar did lots of reading and we have started Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

At our home ed group the children did some more of their bee project. Oscar tends to sit and twiddle his thumbs when someone else is reading and I think he is taking nothing in but then a few days later something will get him thinking and he will start telling someone (usually his dad) all about what he has learnt.
 When they went to the florist on Saturday Oscar told his dad all about queen bees, worker bees and drones.

After working on their project the children all made  a strawberry pin cushion as a present for mothers day.

Then it was off to the park.

On Thursday Oscar painted a Birthday card for his Great Grandads birthday. He enjoyed mixing paints together to get just the right colours.

He also did yet more sums.
And more colouring.

We have started a handwriting folder and Oscar practiced forming the letters A and B.
Then he decorated his folder with stickers.

Friday afternoon we went to a summer fayre at his friends school and Oscar bought this sunflower all ready to be planted and watered.

On Saturday I was banished from the kitchen while Oscar and his Dad got busy with some secret things. Sunday morning Oscar gave me some lovely handmade soaps (that I have forgotten to take a picture of), some chocolate (consumed before a picture could be taken) and these lovely flowers.

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