Monday, 8 March 2010

Guess what....another busy day.

Today we seemed to squeeze lots in.

Oscar started his day as usual with some sums.

Then he did some colouring. His Dad is very popular for finding these pictures.
This is definitely the best colouring Oscar has done. He has really tried to stay inside the lines and has used lots of different colours.

Then we went to the post office. On the way home we went to the florist and bought some daffodils.
We have put some green food colouring in the water and hopefully by the morning they will be stripey and Oscar will be able to see all the veins in the flowers and how they have used the water.

Then Oscar started a new workbook.

After lunch Oscar spent some time on the computer.

Then we went and met some of his friends from school for a trip to the park.
The Motley Crew.
It's really nice how all the boys (and mums) have remained good friends since leaving nursery.

Oscars friend Tyler then came home with us for tea and some playtime.
Oscar spent the last half hour before bed curled up with me on the sofa insisting he wasn't tired.

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