Friday, 26 March 2010

Green eggs.

Yesterday Oscar finished his chocolate project. He learnt about the different types of chocolate and the ways chocolate is used around the world.

Then we dug out this book that Oscar has had for a while. It's a story about how chocolate is made and about Fair Trade.
Then we watched a bit of a documentary that was on Wednesday night, alot of it wasn't really suitable for a 5 year old but I managed to fast froward through to the bits where Oscar could see cocoa pods being cut from the trees, see the cocoa beans being scooped out and left to dry in the sun and then the process of the beans being turned into chocolate. Both the book and the documentary led to us talking about Fair Trade so we went to the co-op and had a look for different Fair Trade products, then when we got home Oscar went through the kitchen to see how many fair trade logos he could find. Then it was off to Taekwondo narrowly avoiding the rain.

This morning Oscar spent his time colouring. Oscar has started to really enjoy colouring so I left him to it. This is my favourite picture from today. He said it's a rainbow coloured flower called The Mummy Flower.

Then we decorated some Egg shaped biscuits. Oscars Great Grandmother gave Oscar the kit complete with ready made biscuits.
We have had these kits before and have learnt form experience that the icing they come with isn't up to much so we made some more of our own.
We were right the yellow icing only covered one biscuit but Oscar was very pleased with his green icing.
Then Oscar got busy decorating his biscuits.
Roger said they looked like they had been sneezed on by a sweet shop.
Oscar said sweet shop snot tastes good.

Oscar has been asking for a while now if we could read the Harry Potter books and watch the films. I have said no to the books as I think they are a bit scary for a 5 year old but this afternoon  we cuddled up on the sofa and watched Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Oscar loved it.
Then it was off to Taekwondo again. It was really nice to do the 15 minute walk there and back without getting wet or cold for the first time in  months.

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  1. Those photos look fantastic , Looks like you had a great time!! And that book looks rather fun - I'm a Charlie & Lola fan!! :)