Friday, 4 March 2011

Our Week

This week has been busy, cold, sunny and really really lovely.

On Monday we did some more of the Gravity project, Oscar learnt how gravity effects objects on earth, he learnt about weight and weightlessness and how gravity effects the tides. We also worked how much he would way on each of the planets in our solar system.

We had a brief visit to the dockyard where Oscar found a variety of words written in Flags on board HMS Warrior that he had lots of fun decoding.

He had a go at tying some knots.

Then we went to the Mary Rose Museum where Oscar is now able to tell the volunteers all about their artefact's.

And we had a game of Quoits.

It was book group at our home ed group this Tuesday and this month the book was The Mystery of the Brunt Cottage by Enid Blyton. This is the first time that Oscar didn't particularly enjoy the book for book group and we didn't actually finish it. But he had read enough to join in with the activities. A nasty note was found in the kitchen reading 'Sarah has a big bum' and the children were asked to find out who left the note.
First they hunted for 'footprints' (rubbings made with crayons of various mums soles) that were dotted around the play area. Then they looked at all the mums shoes to find out who the footprints belonged to.
Then they questioned their suspects to narrow down the search before finally asking their short list to write their names so they could have a good look at them with a magnifying glass to work out who had written the note (it was me, sorry Sarah).

Once they had solved the mystery like all good 'find outers' they had some macaroons and ginger beer.

Then as it was St. Davids day Sarah taught the children Heads,Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Welsh.

After all that fun it was time for lunch then the children all went outside to play a game of 'find outers' and solve some more mysteries. 
Then Oscar and I raced off to his swimming lesson. 
We both had a great day, thank you Sarah for organising it all.

On Wednesday we went to our Latin group, Oscar has missed a few sessions due to being unwell but he still had fun and really enjoyed making a Laurel Leaf Wreath Roman Headdress at the end of the session.

On Thursday Oscar and I went to 100 Acre woods with a few other families from our home ed group.
They have a beautiful natural play area with balance beams, tree houses, teepee's, swings and a huge sand pit (yes more sand). Oscar had a great time running round exploring and I had a lovely time chatting with friends.

Oscar's balance isn't great and he tried countless times to get across the beams.

 He was really proud of himself once he had managed to get across all of them without falling. 

So proud he did a little dance.

After a picnic lunch some of us went to explore the woods.

Oscar is in this picture somewhere, I'm just not sure where.

The children climbed.

And hid.

And laughed.
They also got covered in mud and a jolly good time was had by all.

Thursday evening Oscar started at Beavers. He was really looking forward to joining as he has a couple of friends that already go. He had a good time although at times it was a little busier and noisier than he is used to. This is a good thing though as he needs to learn to cope in situations that are a little overwhelming at times and the fun he had outweighed the couple of slightly scary moments. He's really looking forward to going back and hasn't stopped asking me when we can go and get his uniform.

Today we actually managed to spend a whole day at home.
Oscar started the day with some maths worksheets.

We did lots of reading together.

After lunch Oscar did some graphing.
 And then we spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on some of the Latin he has missed.

What a week, we have both really enjoyed ourselves and are now looking forward to a reasonably lazy weekend.

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