Thursday, 17 March 2011

National Science Week - Day 4

Today we met some other families from our home ed group at the Natural History Museum.
Oscar has been here lots of time and is very familiar with this fairly small building which meant I didn't really see much of him but I did manage to get a couple of pics.

After everyone had had a good look round the museum we all went to the play park at Canoe Lake, this time I did know where Oscar was (most of the time) but I still only managed to get one photo.

Then after a picnic lunch we came home and did some more science.
We started by planting a broad bean in a glass jar with some damp kitchen roll, hopefully in a week or two it will germinate.

Then we had a look at our plastic, it's taking longer than it should to harden but it's definitely getting there.

Then we got out this optics science kit that I found in a charity shop last week.

From the kit we made some optical illusion spinners,

Oscar saw what happens to his reflection when he bends a mirror.

He looked at lots of things through a kaleidoscope maker.

He put different colour filters over the kaleidoscope maker and spent ages walking round the house like this.

He looked at different pictures that came in the kit with the coloured filters to see how this affected the images.

And he made a periscope.
Not bad for a 99p science kit.

Then after a busy day it was time for Oscar to go to Beavers, he was really excited about going and very proud of his new uniform.

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