Tuesday, 15 March 2011

National Science Week - Day 2.

This morning it was back on with the lab coat and goggles for Oscar and back to the kitchen for some more science fun. Having had a good look through his science book Oscar decided we should start by making a volcano. After it had erupted we discussed how the lava would go hard and then over hundreds of years if the volcano was to erupt many times you would build up layers of rock.

Next we had a look at some ice cubes we made yesterday. One was made from tap water that had been put in a plastic tub and given a good shake to get lots of air mixed into it. The other was made from boiled water that had been slowly and gently poured down the side of the pot trying to ensure that as little air as possible got mixed in. It's not very clear in the picture but the shaken tap water cube was all cloudy whereas the cube made from boiled water was pretty much clear.

Next Oscar mixed up some vinegar and salt in a jar and popped some dirty copper coins to the mixture.

While the coins soaked we boiled some eggs and made them some parachutes in different sizes.
Roger took the eggs upstairs while Oscar and I went to the garden to watch as Roger dropped them from a window.
The first egg to be dropped was the one with the smallest parachute. Can you spot it?

This poor egg sustained fairly heavy damage.

Next was the egg with the medium sized parachute. That egg had a cracked shell that doesn't really show up in a photo but was otherwise ok.

The last egg to go had the largest parachute and survived the fall with no damage at all.

I sometimes wonder what our neighbours must think of us....

After all that eggcitement we had a look at the copper coins that had been sitting in the vinegar and salt solution. Oscar was fascinated by how much they had changed.

Then we put some ungalvanised iron nails into the solution and stopped work for a lunch of egg sandwiches.

After lunch we retrieved the nails from the vinegar and salt solution and Oscar was amazed at how tarnished they had become.

Then we had a look at the bulb that Oscar's nan gave him earlier in the year. Having started out well it seems to have died and Oscar thought it might be fun to dissect it, so we did.

The vase it had been in was perfect for our next experiment. For this we put a candle in the bottom of the vase and I showed Oscar how a flame needs oxygen to burn by covering the top of the vase until the candle went out. Then we lit the candle again and this time we sat the egg in the neck of the vase.

When the candle burnt out the egg started to move,

Until it slid right through to the bottom of the vase.
Oscar thought this was brilliant :)

Finally we went back into the garden to explore centripetal force using a bucket, a rope and some water.
Oscar bravely spun the bucket half filled with water round in a big circle to see if the water would stay in the bucket, and was rather pleased that it did.

After all that fun Oscar went to his swimming lesson before going to his friends house for tea.
He was very tired come bed time this evening.

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  1. Oh my word, how did you fit all of that into one day!!! It looks brilliant though, i might even be brave enough to try a couple of those things with Hannah :-)