Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Submarine Museum

On Friday Oscar and I went to the Submarine Museum with a local Home Ed group.
We had to get the ferry there which was quite exciting for Oscar.

We started our visit with a guided tour of a submarine.

Oscar was surprised to find this picture of  Mickey Mouse.
It was all very hands on which was great.

Oscar wanted to try the divers helmet on, then he tried to lift it and realised putting it on might not be such a good idea.

After that we went to the children's room where the children were read some pirate stories.
Then they got to dress up and play on a pirate ship.

I don't think Oscar was very impressed when I made him sit on the canon so I could take a photo.

Then after lunch we got to have a look round the museum.

This is a Midget Sub that has been cut in half so you can walk through the middle and really see just how small it is.

The museum was also very hands on and Oscar was really interested in everything there.

He was able to plot co ordinates on this map.

He listened to different types of sonar.

This is a Jim Suit used by divers.
Oscar got to see just how hard that job was.

He learnt about pressure.

And the different materials used on board a submarine.

Some of the suits worn by submariners.

Some equipment used on board submarines.

Examples of the things the submariners could take with them when they went to sea.

Oscar tried out a bunk and decided it was a bit small.

Oscar was amazed at the size of this propeller and torpedo.

Then we went to a work shop where Oscar learnt about what life was like for children during the second world war.

He was surprised when I told him there is an air raid shelter buried in our garden.

This is an example of  an evacuees case, there were very strict rules about the things children could take with them.

Finally it was back to the ferry to travel home.

We had a great day, Oscar had a lot of fun and learnt alot. He has asked to go again soon.

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