Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Swimming lessons.

Oscar started his day making this mosaic picture whilst watching his French video again (his request). I found the mosaic toy at a boot sale last summer and dug it out when we first started home ed because it's really pretty fiddly and is very good for helping to improve fine motor skills. At the time Oscar struggled to do it unless I was sat next to him handing the the pieces. Today I explained to him about fine motor skills and how they will help him with his handwriting and got this out again. Oscar chose the house picture and was very proud when he completed it all by himself.

Then it was off to the barbers for a haircut, today they were empty and Oscar was brilliant, sitting very still and doing exactly what the hairdresser asked and now he can actually see where he is going.

After lunch Oscar spent some time on education city, today he did some science and French.

Then it was time for Oscar do go to his first ever swimming lesson. Oscar hasn't been swimming since he was very young because at the time he hated it and has always made a real fuss about water and getting wet. Over the last few months this has improved slightly and we feel that swimming is an essential skill. We haven't talked too much about the lessons but Oscar has two friends going with him (only one toady as the other is unwell) so he was really looking forward to going. So much so that he ran all the way there.
Once there the boys started to look a little anxious but they were both brilliant.
My friend and I were amazed to see our 'not very keen on water' boys putting their noses and their chins in the water. Then blowing bubbles before paddling the width of the pool with the help of a float and a teacher.
When the lesson had finished the boys were very excited and can't wait to go back next week.

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