Friday, 30 April 2010

A castle, some fish and some friends.

Today we started with a trip to Southsea Castle.
The castle was built by this guy.

This model of the castle was built by a 12 year old boy.
In the children's room at the castle Oscar got to dress up,
do some puzzles,
and play various games.

After visiting the castle we went next door to the aquarium.

Then after lunch we took a walk
through the rock gardens,
and along the beach,
we stopped so Oscar could have a go on a racing car outside the pier.
Then we walked around Canoe Lake to the new play park where we met some of our home ed friends.
The play park is brilliant with lots of hills and tunnels, a zip wire and a big area with water sprinklers for the children to run around in.
Oscar got soaked at the park but has had a great day.
We will definitely be going back to all these places again very soon.

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