Thursday, 22 April 2010

Being Grumpy

This is how our day started.
I said no. I can't remember now what I said no to but over the last week if I say no Oscar 'gets grumpy'.
He's very good, I'm not ruling out a career on the stage for him, and he can keep it up for hours, no amount of reasoning, distraction, compromise or offers of cuddles can snap him out of it. He wanted do do something and I said no and that's that, the grump is on.
Well this was before we had even managed to get breakfast this morning and I just wasn't up for playing this game that early in the day so I got grumpy to. I copied the face and the stamping of the feet, I told him that him being grumpy made me feel grumpy and all the time he was grumpy I would be to. The face changed to one of surprise and then confusion, then he smiled and said 'I'm not grumpy any more, can I have that cuddle now please'. Then I had my happy little chap back for the rest of the day. Result.
I just hope this tactic works again the next time I have the audacity to say no.

After a nice cheery breakfast Oscar asked to spend some time on Education City, to this request I said yes.

Then we read together for a while.

Another book that Oscar has discovered is this.
He thinks it's wonderful, he is constantly asking me what words mean so now I send him off to look in his dictionary and he seems to think it is some kind of magical treasure trove of words.

After lunch it was off to the toy shop to return (for the second time) Oscar's games console. And while we were there Oscar had a go on the big yellow bus.

Back home Oscar spent some time playing on his new, shiny, not scratched, but most importantly working game.

Finally it was time for his first ever green belt taekwondo class, he thought it was wonderful and I was very impressed with how well he behaved. In this class the children are much older and the class itself seemed alot more focused with a bit less messing about, Oscar rose to the challenge and came out full of all the new things he had learnt.

To finish the day on our way home I taught Oscar how to count from one to ten in French, he then showed me how to count backwards from ten to one in French 'because it sounds funny'.

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