Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Trip to HMS Warrior.

Today we went to the dockyard where we got to go on board HMS Warrior and join in with some workshops.

In the morning Oscar learn't about life on board a Victorian warship throughh the story of Jess the Ships Cat. Then we went to find the missing kittens hiding on the ship.

Oscar got to try out a hammock.

And make a ships biscuit.

 Then the children were able to dress up.


In the afternoon  Oscar learn't about life for Victorian children, he learn't about the types of toys they played with and the games they played.



Oscar and Hannah being the farmer and his wife in a game of the farmers in his den.

Oscar got to make some toys of his own to bring home.

Then we got to have a look aroung the ship.

Oscar really enjoyed his day out today and learn't alot too.


  1. Hi Claire, I hope you don't mind, I have added your blog to the blog for victory blogroll
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  2. Looks like a wonderful day out!