Monday, 11 January 2010

Snowy Monday.

Today started as usual with Oscar doing some handwritting practice, then he asked to do some colouring. This is the first time he has actually asked to do colouring, I think now his pencil control is improving he enjoys it more as he is actually able to get the pencil to something close to what his brain is telling it to do.

Then he did some more of the maths workbook he started on Friday.

Then he read me two chapters form the Oxford Reading Tree book he is reading me at the moment before I finished reading him the end of the Giraffe the Pelly and Me,

At the weekend we dug out the watch Oscar was given last year for his birthday and he has been wearing it and proudly telling us the time about once every 20 minuites.
After lunch today Oscar and I played Tick Tack Tock a time telling board game that he really enjoyed.

Then afetr all that we made some rice crispy cakes with marshmallows, sultanas and snowflake sprinkles (I am still waiting to find out when my new cooker will be delivered).


Then after all that hard work Oscar finished his school day with a hot chocolate.


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  1. Yummy looking rice crispy cakes Oscar - wonder if there'll be any left on Wednesday??